Asking yourself what not to do with an escort is never bad, even more, if you are looking to go from being one of the most typical clients to being her favourite. It is not a compulsory rule. However, whoever is her favourite indeed tends to have certain privileges.

What not to do with an escort? The best tips to be her favourite client

It is essential to know what your VIP escort doesn’t like when it comes to meeting her because escorts are escorts in many people’s minds, but they set their own rules and are quite clear about them.


In the world of elite escorts, there is slang of its own, just like in other professions, so it is necessary to know it to avoid uncomfortable situations. If the escort is a luxury escort, try not to be rude. Learn about the slang they use and how to be a gentleman with them.

Talking about sexual services can be embarrassing if it becomes an order instead of a request. Don’t ask too many questions to the escort; it is only necessary to know how you can properly communicate the service you want.

Bad hygiene

If you are wondering what not to do with an escort, you should know that hygiene is not overrated; it is one of the strongest points of being a good client of an escort girl. If you are aware that your smell is predominant, a shower won’t hurt; you don’t need to use litres of colognes and deodorants to have a neutral scent.

Setting up appointments without anticipation

Never make appointments on the spot. It is annoying for any escort when clients schedule appointments without anticipation; don’t do it even if your desire is about to explode. This is one of the things you must forget if you want to know what not to do with an elite escort and become a star client.

The best thing to do is to organize them in advance, carefully planning everything you want to do with the escort, including the sex deity quickly and rushing things will only cause everything to go wrong; and it is even worse if the situations require preparation, atmosphere and imagination.

Personal questions

Personal questions are irrelevant for escorts, they can answer with or without the truth; after all, what a client and an escort live is a sexual fantasy, and going out of that scenario will only bring discomfort.

Buying gifts without asking

Many clients tend to spend a lot of money on expensive gifts that end up in the back of a wardrobe, forgotten and often upsetting escort girls. Lingerie, handbags, shoes, perfumes, check your escort’s tastes to become one of her favourite clients.

Unexpected surprises

You must avoid surprises at all costs, escorts don’t like to lose control of their work; therefore, when scheduling the date you must be clear about all the details, telling how the encounter is going to be and if the use of any fetish is going to be used.


Knowing what not to do with an escort is one of the first steps for you to start earning the status of favourite client that few enjoy. So, try not to ask for urgent dates, pay attention to your hygiene; don’t ask too many questions, and if you do, don’t ask for her likes and dislikes.

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